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We offer high quality exhaust spare parts from leading manufactures of after market parts in different type of quality.

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Mild 2 Wild Exhaust Enterprise is Brisbane’s specialist service provider of mufflers, exhausts, suspension parts and exhaust systems. Stocking a wide range of muffler and exhaust products, we are also experts at manufacturing and fitting exhaust systems to meet your specific needs. Standard off-the-shelf, sports, custom-made and stainless steel systems are all part of the products and exhaust and muffler service we provide. We currently have a large range of exhaust parts, exhaust systems and stock on hand.

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When you trust us to repair or maintain your vehicle, you can expect the full attention from our professional mechanics. Mild 2 Wild Exhaust is always on-hand to listen to your needs, while honestly explaining the attention required to ensure your vehicle’s safety and functionality. Read more about Mild 2 Wild Exhaust & Mufflers’ products and services, offered to vehicle owners in Brisbane.

We can order or customize most muffler designs to achieve your preferred sound frequency and meet your economic needs—from high-end options to less expensive ones.

Because all vehicles presently have stainless exhaust systems, our specialty is to cut and splice mufflers into your existing exhaust system which saves time, along with being cost-effective. This also provides an opportunity to promote environmental consciousness.

We offer pre-bent pipes as well as custom fabrications—bending from 1½ to 2½ inch pipes. We provide savings by eliminating flanges and installing sleeves, saving hundreds of dollars for our customers. Instead of replacing the entire pipe, we can install various sections.

Flex pipes are common on many vehicles today.

At Mild 2 Wild, we cut out and remove your broken, noisy flex pipe and replace it with a new one, employing MIG welding, at the fraction of the cost of a complete pipe, saving your original stainless exhaust.

Catalytic Converters:
We have access to catalytic converters that are specifically designed for today’s vehicle emissions. Instead of replacing the whole assembly, we cut and splice where required, once again providing the customer with more savings.

Performance Exhaust:
We offer custom exhaust service utilizing aluminized or stainless steel custom bending. You choose the level of noise. Whether you want it to sound “aggressive” or just want to add a little extra sound – we can do it! We also have exhaust tips to enhance the appearance of your exhaust.