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Exhaust Extractors

Extractors make it easier for the car engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. With your cars engine running more efficiently, you will notice improvements in fuel economy, and performance. When it comes to improving the performance of your vehicle, extractors are one of the easiest and straightforward investments that you can make. This is basically a bolt-on accessory that you can easily add to your engine and immediately start seeing a difference in power performance from your engine to the drive train. High quality extractor brands that have a great range of product include Pacemaker, Xforce, Genie & Redback.

To understand the function and requirement of an extractor, it is important to understand the reasons to install this type of system. In a typical exhaust manifold, when the exhaust stroke occurs, the exhaust opens up and the pistons in each of the engine cylinders push out all the exhaust gases. Often the process faces a certain level of resistance on the exhaust which results in an incomplete release of the gases from the chamber. When that occurs, some of the power produced by the engine gets wasted. The obvious culprit in the process is the exhaust manifold which gathers exhaust gases from the engine in a restrictive manner causing back pressure.

The increase in efficiency means a cleaner environment and the cylinders result in a significantly improved power production. This solution is also a lot more effective as compared to an exhaust manifold by individually adapting to the pressure of each cylinder head, thereby significantly reducing back pressure.

While switching from the stock manifold to extractors may result in an overall improvement in the performance of your vehicle, it is still an option for people to see whether they want a system that maximises the performance or simply install a system that is easy to install on their own.

For performance-oriented installations, ensure that the diameter of the tubes matches that of the cylinder and more importantly, long-tube headers are critical to maximising torque when the engine is running on low power and gaining maximum horsepower while the engine is running on high power levels. Compatibility is a key and each brand has their own design and curvature that may or may not be suitable for your specific vehicle.

5 great reasons to fit extractors to your car:

  1. You’ll get up to 15% better fuel economy.
  2. You’ll get increased performance.
  3. You’ll get more torque.
  4. You’ll get a cooler and cleaner running car engine.
  5. Your Auto transmission will run cooler.



The benefits of extractors in our opinion outweigh the cons. Although design in manifolds vary and some are better than most, the design of extractors simply allow for the exhaust gases to be more free flowing. Performance gains, better fuel economy, better exhaust note, are all benefits of extractors. The gain depends on the type of car they are installed on and the way in which you drive the vehicle. They run at their most optimum when coupled with a high flow catalytic converter and sports exhaust as these two elements are also designed to free flow and achieve a better ‘exhaust note’. A true header will not just provide a good path for exhaust to escape, they will also help draw the spent gases out of the combustion chamber.

The cons however are that cast iron is more robust than mild steel or stainless tube and manifolds are quieter, but extractors can vary depending on the quality of the tube and joins. It is essential that when you purchase extractors or headers, you search for quality and good design, not price. They are definitely one of those items where you get what you pay for and beware of being tempted by the cheap Ebay sets. You are more likely to be disappointed when they arrive.