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We offer high quality exhaust spare parts from leading manufactures of after market parts in different type of quality.

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Mild2Wild Exhaust has been operating for over 25 years. We specialized in custom exhaust, mufflers, extractors, mandrel bending, 4WD, cat converters, performance brakes, suspension.We have a team of professionals working onsite, from fitting your basic exhaust systems to designing the most complex customized systems from car A to Z to your everyday Holden or Ford. We can assess the condition and performance of your car whilst you wait and take the time to discuss your options with you. We have close ties within the industry and excellent relationships with a range of reputable suppliers that allow us to access the latest products within minutes.

Mild2Wild Exhaust can also work with you to design and build a custom exhaust system and source the required components. We provide flexible service arrangements that ensure most work is done whilst you wait or within your required time frames. We stand behind our work and strive to ensure that you are satisfied with your car’s performance after every visit.

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