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We offer high quality exhaust spare parts from leading manufactures of after market parts in different type of quality.

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Mild2Wild Exhaust specializes in custom exhaust for all types of vehicles, from show cars to motor homes and everything in between. We offer high-quality exhaust repair and maintenance services. Having been in business for 25 years, you can trust Mild2Wild Exhaust to get the job done right and on time, every time! We also do repairs including auto repairs, replacement, suspension work, oil changes, maintenance and engine diagnostics.


Exhaust & Mufflers System

Mild2Wild provides professional exhaust system maintenance services for your car, truck, RV, or bus in logan city, Brisbane. We are the only shop in the area. In addition, we guarantee all exhaust work & all parts.

Stainless Steel Mufflers

If you’re looking for a new muffler for your vehicle in Brisbane and Logan City, then you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced mechanics experience repairing, maintaining and installing mufflers of all shapes and sizes.


Catalytic Converters

Your catalytic converter is an integral part of your car’s exhaust system. Thanks to the Mild2Wild Exhaust you’re able to drastically reduce the amount of dangerous pollutants that are put out by your vehicle.


Exhaust Extractors

Chasing more power & better fuel economy? Extractors make it easier for car engine to push exhaust gases out of cylinders. With your cars engine running more efficiently, you will notice improvements in fuel economy, performance.


4WD Sports Exhaust

Mild 2 Wild 4×4 Exhaust System is designed with Australian four wheel driving in mind. Our improved design allows engine to breathe more efficiently increasing torque, pulling power, maximum performance, efficiency from engine.

custom bending

Custom Bending

Pipes are critical to high performance. The improved flow that comes from a custom bend pipe makes Mild2Wild exhaust systems superior. The custom bending maintains a constant inside diameter, even through pipe bends.

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Cheryl Roberts

Thankyou Mild 2 Wild for the professional job on fixing my car. Rod I would recommend as he did a great job fixing my exhaust and brakes .

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J Watson

Very Happy with the Cat Back system from Mild 2 Wild. They were very knowledgeable and understanding about what I was wanting to achieve and even let me come into the workspace to try a few mufflers on. The workmanship on the welds were very well done and the muffler chosen (Growl), while I didn't know about them, sounded very deep. I would highly recommend Mild 2 Wild. They are professional, they know their stuff and they are super friendly.

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Shahzad Ahmed

Thank you Mild2Wild for your Effort Yesterday to squeeze in me without Appointment. I am 100% Satisfy with your service. I have dome my done Car service yesterday Very Helpful Staff and Management with Professional Skills. Very Reasonable Price

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Mark Clark

Mild2Wild was amazing! It is usually an unpleasant experience taking your car for repairs. I felt very confident they would be fair and honest and they did not disappoint. Very professional, ultra polite and friendly!

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"Great people skills is what I appreciated the most about this service, along with of course having the car muffler fixed in a very efficient, timely manner."

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"Great communication, cost quoted upfront, friendly, trustworthy & punctual - Would highly recommend to others. It was also great to see a business prioritise their customer service."

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"Very reliable and dependable. Mild2WildExhaust has serviced both our cars for the last few years and very fair and helpful."

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julie andrews

Outstanding Customer Service. I Would Not Hesitate to Recommend. I have never experienced such a wonderful place to work with on getting car repairs done! I liked the customer service and going above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable while waiting in the store for my vehicle work to be done, specifically being offered a nice hot coffee with creamer.

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Mark Allen

"What the other shops had told me was a "big fix" turned out to be a problem that was corrected for a reasonable price, and best yet they completed it on the spot!”

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April W

“I love using Mild2WildExhaust They are fast and prices are always reasonable. "

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“I could not be more pleased with their work. Very friendly and the service was fast and well performed. They explained everything they were doing and didn't try to sell me parts or do work that wasn't necessary, like most shops do. ”

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“I am a customer of Mild2WildExhaust and I remain a faithful customer to this day. Their honestly and integrity keep me coming back. The job is always done correctly, timely and for a fair price. I highly recommend their service.”

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Riyana Richard

I was so impressed with the Mild2Wild auto work. I will be back and I will refer others! The owner, Mike and his son was extremely welcoming and Mike even took the time to drive me himself to my work.

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“I’ve used Mild2WildExhaust services for over 6 years now. They always delivered quality professional service with the added convenience of bringing the services to you.”

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Michael G.

“I’ve used Mild2WildExhaust for the past few years now and they are the best in the business.”

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"Can't say enough about how well the communication and customer service was from Mild2WildExhaust. By far the best I've had in my life."Review Text

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"Always on time, honest and trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone needing auto repair service."

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"After being told by another family recommended mechanic that I needed $450 dollars worth of work; Mild2WildExhaust service cost was just $150 dollars. That’s honesty!"

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Ken Miller

“I will only use Mild2WildExhaust Auto, for my company and personal vehicles.”

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"I've used them many times and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks Mild2WildExhaust ! I highly recommend them"

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“They fixed my car exhaust right where it broke down saving me an eighty-five dollar.”